Armando Giuffrida e Lyda

Welcome !

In the 2015 the metropolis bookstore celebrate his 13° anniversary on the web and his 32° from his establishment. Our experience on internet is more positive, we have now new friends and clients were we cannot dream to arrive. We want give thanks to all the friends that have enthusiastic help and supported us with they good advises and suggestions, that always are welcomes. Considering on how provide a more friendly relationship, we have think that can be better change the usual web language, sometime too much cool and offish. We want restart, where it is possible, the old traditions of a bookstore like a match point between the seller, friendly helper, and the client, with his needed. To begin, nothing better than introduce us.That one you can see into the near photo is Armando Giuffrida, owner of the metropolis bookstore from his establishment. She, the cat, is Lyda. Armando have the double-face of merchant & collector. It the first times were the comics, more friends can remember the exhibitions into the Metropolis Bookstore in Rome of famous authors like Milo Manara, one example of more. Then his involvement becomes toward the cinema, that from more time he collect personally. Into this field Armando becomes to be well-regarded like one of the best expert into the branch of movie posters, beginning in the meantime from 1996 to be the consultant for the Bolaffi-Ambassador auctions, that are produced two times every year in Turin, the only one of this genre in Italy. In the 1999 the Metropolis Bookstore made a radical change, begin to focus all his energy for become a library devoted to the world of entertainment. We begin to print also a catalogue of books and magazines, issued every six months, entirely devoted to publications on cinema & theatre, with a special attention to antique & rare books and magazines, hard to find into the market, get to be a reference for movie & theatre libraries, teachers and movie fans. Then the catalogue on the web, that from 2002 to today is in nonstop update. In this new version you can find some news that we have ready, acquiring the suggestions received. And now "the show must go on"...,


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