American magazines

The grading scale of shape of the magazines is classified in 5 levels:
Perfetto/Mint: perfect shape, new or like new.
Ottimo/Fine: best shape, minor faults.
Molto buono/Very Good: very good shape, more little faults.
Buono/Good: used but in good shape, few paper lack.
Mediocre/Poor: bad conditions. Those items are selling only for newsworthiness or research study.

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  Picture Play July 1935 Vol. XLII n. 5

Euro 25,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello


pp.82 ill b/w
Molto Buono/Very Good

Availability: 1

  Picture Play November 1935 Vol. XLII3 n. 3

Euro 25,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello


pp 98 ill b/w
Molto Buono/Very Good

Availability: 1

  Screen Album July 1966

Euro 14,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello

Geraldine Chaplin's Amazing Life Story; Julie Christie; Robert Redford and Elizabeth Hartman; Mia Farrow; Sean Connery; Elvis Presley; Bonus: The Personal Secrets of Batman and Robin
pp. 72
ill b/w
Molto Buono/Very Good

Availability: 1

  Screenland February 1950

Euro 12,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello

Betty Underwood; Both Sides Shirley's Divorce; Clark Gable; Loretta Young; Diana Lynn; Kirk Douglas; Joan Fontaine; John Derek; Jean Peters; Paul Douglas; Frank Sinatra; Humphrey Bogart;
pp. 74
ill: b/w col.
Molto Buono/Very Good

Availability: 1

  Screenland July 1950

Euro 12,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello

Hedy Lamarr; Howard Keel; Richard Todd; June Haver; Jeanne Crain; Cecile AubrySteve Cochran; Burt Lancaster; Doris Day; Marta Toren; Mercedes McCambridgeJune Allyson and Dick Powell
pp. 74
ill: b/w col.
Molto Buono/Very Good

Availability: 1

  Wide Angle Volume 20 no. 3 3 July 1998

Euro 10,00

Quantity Metti nel carrello

Cityscapes II
Guest Editors: Clark Arnwine and Jesse Contents: Cityscapes Introduction; Dromoscopy, or The Ectasy of Enormities; Toward a Geo-Cinematic Hermeneutics: Rapresentations of Los Angeles in Non-Industrial Cinema - Killer of Sheep and Water and Power; Social Unwest: An Interview with Harry Gamboa Jr.; A.L.A.R.M.A.'S Manifest(o) Destiny; Staging Murders: The Social Imaginary, Film and the City; Desgining Los Angeles: A n Interview with Richard Sylbert; Susan Mogul: At Home in Los Angeles; News At Eleven in The Big City; Massillon; Replacing L.A.; Falling Down in El Norte; Tijuana Desenmascarada

Ohio University School of Film
pp. 221 ill b/w

Availability: 1

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