Casablanca – As Time Goes by…


For the first time, here is the whole story of Warner Bros. Production No. 410, from the original play that laid its foundations, through casting, writing, shooting, and post-production, to the series of lucky breaks that created  one of the most everlastingly popular films of the last years.

Lavishly illustrated with a collection of photos, memos, blueprints and posters never before assembled in one book, CasablancaAs Times Goes by… paints the most complete picture ever of a movie that mesmerized film-lovers and romantics for half a century.


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50th Anniversary Commemorative

By Frank Miller

This Edition First Published in Great Britain in 1993 by Virgin Books, London

Paperback 224 pages

Very Good


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Peso 1010 g
Dimensioni 28 × 22 × 2 cm


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