enclitic number 2 fall 1982


Contents: The Cockeyed World; Thomas L’Obscur: The Tangled Week of Sexuality and Textuality; Existential Narrative and Kermode’s Theory of Fiction; A Stroke of Luck; The Unknown Center of Ourselves: Schefer’s Writing on the Cinema; Our Written Experience of the Cinema: An Interview with Jean Louis Schefer; Reading in Every State; Looking for Mrs. Good-mother: D. W. Winnicott’s; The Disarticulated Image:: Gazing in Wonderland; Marguerite Duras: Feminine Field of Hysteria.

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Editor John O’Kane

Student Publications at the University of Minnesota
Department of French & Italian

86 pages

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Peso 180 g
Dimensioni 17.5 × 21.5 × 0.5 cm


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