Those Glorious Glamour Years


In the Thirties the public demanded that their greatest  fantasies be fulfilled for twenty-five cents a night. Favorite idols always looked fantastic on the screen. As Walter Plunkett, one of Hollywood’s most talented costume designers, observed:

It was just as important to look ridiculously gorgeous as it was to make a beautiful false-front house and have it look wonderful. It was gorgeous. It was expensive. It was phony. You went to see a dream and you had a glorious time because it was exciting, but it was never reality.

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Classic Hollywood Costume Design of the 1930’s

Margaret J. Bailey

Citadel Press Book Published by Carol Publishing Group 1990

384 pages Paperback

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Peso 1300 g
Dimensioni 30.5 × 22.5 × 2.5 cm


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